1. Zotero essentials

What is Zotero?

Zotero is a free reference management tool which enables you to manage your research sources.

Use Zotero to collect, organize and store your references, create citations in your assignments, and create bibliographies using your chosen citation style.

Latest version: Zotero 5.0. for Windows

Visit Zotero for more information on downloads for other operating systems.

Zotero and Firefox update 
(important information for those using Zotero 4.0 with Firefox)
As a new standalone version of Zotero 5.0 is available, it replaces previous versions, including the Zotero Firefox plugin. 

See the Zotero.org blog post about the new version. 
If you are using the Zotero Firefox extension, download the Firefox connector from the Zotero download page, along with the new version.

Install Zotero 

                    Navigating Zotero                                     Choose Citation Styles                      Sync Your Library  

Add Items to Zotero

Organize Your Library Cite and Write with Zotero

Create a Bibliography/
Reference List

 Storage Space on Zotero

Saving PDF's

Backup Your Account


For further support:

View the Zotero Online Documentation Page